MRS-Korea 2017 Fall Meeting

MRS-K 2017 Fall Meeting, Gyeongju, Korea

The 4th Korea-EU Bilateral Workshop on Advanced Materials Processing

16th November 2017, Gyeongju Hyundai Hotel

The Korea-Europe (EU) relationship has developed rapidly in the past decade, expanding from an almost exclusive focus on trade issues to a much broader spectrum of activities both on the bilateral and global fronts. To further facilitate networking and collaborations between materials researchers in Korea and EU, the 1st EU-Korea Workshop on Advanced Functional Materials was organized by European Materials Research Society during the 2015 E-MRS Spring Meeting in Lille, France. The 2nd EU-Korea Workshop on Advanced Functional Materials was organized by Materials Research Society – Korea during IUMRS-ICAM 2015 which was held on 25th Oct 2015 in Jeju, Korea. The 3rd EU-Korea Workshop on Advanced Materials for Energy was jointly organized by E-MRS and MRS-K during the 2016 E-MRS Fall Meeting in Warsaw, Poland. We...

Joint publications in HERALD

We would like to encourage HERALD members who have benefitted from the activities of the Action to acknowledge HERALD in their publications.  How to acknowledge HERALD is explained here.

  • Acknowledging HERALD is of course mandatory in cases where the scientific content has been the direct result of HERALD funding, e.g. through an STSM.
  • But also more generally, if you are co-authoring an ALD-related publication with researchers from another HERALD country, please consider acknowledging HERALD. 

That way, we can include these publications when reporting collaborations and outputs to show that HERALD has been a success. 

To do this, please input the publication on the HERALD website when published.  Just login and click 'Add Content' - 'Publication'; the minimum that you need to input is the DOI.  Any of your publications can be promoted to other HERALD members in this way.  The joint publications are listed on this...

Workshop on atomic layer deposition and related ultra-thin film processes for advanced devices

The workshop will be organized as a satellite event for PHOTONICA'17 (VI International School and Conference on Photonics 28 August - 1 September 2017).

Original abstracts for the workshop on Atomic layer deposition and related ultra-thin film processes for advanced devices are solicited in research areas related but not limited to:

  • modeling, deposition and characterization of ultra thin films of various materials (graphene, (metallic) multi layer composites, metal oxides, MOS, polymers...) in the context of novel (optical) devices;
  • novel applications of atomic layer deposition;
  • the use of lasers in nanopatterning;
  • light-matter interaction in 2D nano materials (nano structuring of photonic crystals, plasmonic structures/devices, hyperbolic materials, hyper crystals) from various aspects like beam shaping for  light concentration in solar cells, control of losses...).

For more details see

Invitation to discussion on 'Future of HERALD', 19-20 April

All are welcome to a meeting to map out the future of the HERALD network beyond the end of COST funding.  This meeting will take place on 19-20th April 2017 in Amsterdam.  Main topics for discussion are the activities of the network, how to finance these activities, links beyond Europe, what structure the network should adopt and concrete steps for moving forward.

Those already planning to attend the ASD Workshop later that day may find it convenient to come early and attend the discussion meeting, while others may prefer to fly in and out from Amsterdam Schiphol airport in one day (20th).  It will also be possible to dial in via skype or teleconference.

Reimbursement of travel costs will be available to a limited number of attendees on a first-come-first-served basis subject to COST rules.

More details and how to register are available on this webpage and by...


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