About Short Term Scientific Missions

Short Term Scientific Missions (STSM) are visits aimed at supporting individual mobility, strengthening existing networks and fostering collaboration between researchers. A STSM should specifically contribute to the scientific objectives of HERALD, whilst at the same time allowing those partaking in the missions to learn new techniques, gain access to specific data, instruments and / or methods not available in their own institutions / organisations.

HERALD has supported 43 STSMs over its lifetime.  One quarter of these (11 STSMs) went to Early Career Investigators (ECIs, post PhD).  One quarter (12 STSMs) went to researchers from Inclusiveness Targetted Countries (ITCs).  The gender ratio was F:M=17:26=40%:60%.

There will be no more calls for STSMs during the COST Action.

It is intended that STSMs lead to concrete scientific outputs, such as presentations and joint publications.  The contribution of HERALD must be acknowledged appropriately.