May 2016

HERALD Training School on Atomic Layer Deposition

HERALD COST Action & the ISSON16 co-organize a Training School on Atomic Layer Deposition on 2-4 July 2016, at Thessaloniki, Greece.
Six (6) students will be granted by HERALD COST Action with 650 € to participate to the lectures of the ALD Training School and ISSON16. E-mail your application to Dr. Spyros Kassavetis ( The program will be announced soon.

Deadline for applications: 10th of June 2016 .

The granted students can submit abstract and participate to NANOTEXNOLOGY 2016 Conferences under a special registration fee. The deadline for abstract submission is 5th of June 2015. For more information, you can visit our NANOTEXNOLOGY 2016 website....

White paper on atomic-level processing

Right now there is a brief window of opportunity to feed in to consultations on the future topics for H2020 funding - in particular, the 2018-2020 workplan for NMPB.  Some academic and industrial members of HERALD have therefore put together the enclosed position document on urgent research directions, under the overall heading of 'atomic-level processing'. 

The document is public.  If you feel it is worthwhile, please circulate it to your colleagues, national/regional funding agencies and in particular to your national contact points and delegates on European committees and technology platforms.

It is hoped that this document will evolve into a "Roadmap for Atomic Layer Processing" over the coming months and years.  So please feel free to suggest corrections and improvements.  Remember that this is a high-level document aimed at non-experts, not a scientific treatise.

As the next step, we are organising an industry panel discussion on this topic on the...

Workshop "Synchrotron Radiation to study Atomic Layer Deposition" - HERALD travel support

The workshop "Synchrotron Radiation to study Atomic Layer Deposition" at ALBA in Cerdanyola del Vallès, near Barcelona, is getting nearer!

It will start on 12th June with a welcome party and will continue with three days of discussions on Synchrotron Radiation and Atomic Layer Deposition. One poster session and four oral sessions are scheduled, together with the visit to ALBA beamlines, tutorials on SR-based techniques, and an open discussion session.

We are happy to announce that we can accept up to four requests for travel support of scientists from Inclusiveness Target Country. The travel support is limited to 500€.

Please, note that registration is not included, this should be paid by the institution of the applicant. Registration deadline is on 20th May.