May 2017

Call for papers: Current trends in Optical and X-Ray metrologies of key enabling nanomaterials/devices for the Ubiquitous Society, renewable energy and health (OptoX NANO)

Current trends in Optical and X-Ray metrologies of key enabling nanomaterials/devices for the Ubiquitous Society, renewable energy and health (OptoX NANO)

Okayama Convention Centre, Okayama, Japan, 19th-23rd November, 2017

Conference website:

Abstract Deadline: 1st August 2017

The major effort scientific effort worldwide towards the development of novel key enabling material for the emerging technologies of Ubiquitous Society, renewable energy and health requires the development of appropriate characterization tools and methodologies able to work at the nanoscale level. Among the most desirable ones are the optical and x-ray characterization techniques as these are fast and reliable, non-destructive and non-contact methods. Therefore there is a critical need for further development of both optical and x-ray characterization techniques in order to deal with the increasing complexity of the novel key enabling materials down to the nanoscale level. This international symposium is intended to give an overview of the current status...

COST at E-MRS Spring Meeting

To HERALD members:

The COST Association will be present at the Spring Meeting of the European Materials Research Society (E-MRS) in Strasbourg next week, and would like to use this opportunity to promote the materials-related COST Actions like HERALD.  However, they do not know which Action participants are attending the conference.  Therefore, please email the HERALD chair if you will be attending or presenting at the E-MRS Spring Meeting.  COST may then be able to give you some extra publicity on their website.  Please also visit the COST stand (number 68 in the exhibition area) and say hello to our Science Officer, Dr. Mónica Pérez-Cabero.


E-MRS 2017 Fall meeting SR & ALD

We would like to encourage you to submit an abstract to SYMPOSIUM Q:
"SYNCHROTRON RADIATION AND ATOMIC LAYER DEPOSITION FOR ADVANCED MATERIALS" to be held from the 18th until 21st of September 2017 in Warsaw (Poland) during the E-MRS Fall Meeting 2017.


Please visit the symposium website at

for further information.

Feel free to forward this message to any interested people!

The Organizers

Malgorzata Kot, Claudia Wiemer, Gianluca Ciatto and Joachim Schnadt

· Dr. J. Dendooven (Ghent University, Belgium), ALD to grow metals - Pt
· Dr. S. Elliott (Tyndall National Institute, Ireland), Simulating
Atomic Layer Deposition
· Dr. D. Fong (Argonne National Laboratories, USA), Applying in-situ
X-ray scattering and fluorescence to monitor the ALD growth of materials

HERALD ECI dinner in Linköping June 14

Recently a network for Early Career Investigators (ECIs) was formed within HERALD to help young ALD scientists to establish themselves and to stimulate collaborations. Broadening out the COST definition of ECI, we welcome investigators from within a year of submitting their PhD dissertation to PhD+10 years - however, these are not strict limits. Our first event will soon take place at the joint EuroCVD-BalticALD conference in Linköping, Sweden on June 11-14, 2017. At this conference there will be a section at the Tuesday poster session where the posters of ECIs will be grouped together, such that we can meet each other and discuss our work (abstract submission for the poster session is unfortunately closed). Moreover, there will be a dinner for members of the ECI network on Wednesday evening (June 14) with time for more informal interaction.  If you would like to join the HERALD ECI network, send email to...

HERALD travel grants for EuroCVD-BalticALD

We are pleased to announce that the COST action HERALD who are co-organizers of the Joint EuroCVD-BalticALD conference have provided support for 12 travel grants of 650 EUR each. Six of these travel grants will be earmarked for ECIs (Early Career Investigators -1 to +10 years of PhD defense).

To apply for a travel grant you must have a registered abstract for the conference. Applying for a travel grant is done by sending an email to the conference chair Henrik Pedersen at with our abstract number and affiliation. If you apply as an ECI you must provide documentation of your PhD defense or a letter from your supervisor supporting the planned defense date to document your ECI status. Applications will be accepted until 21 May, 23:59 CET.

We will to some degree favor applicants from ITCs (Inclusiveness Target Countries: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Croatia, Hungary, Lithuania,...

HERALD ECI event on “Career Development” in Ghent, Belgium

A network of Early Career Investigators (ECIs) was created within HERALD and our kick-off event will take place at the EuroCVD-BalticALD conference in Linköping, Sweden on June 11-14, 2017. In this news item, we would like to announce our second event on “Career Development”, which will be a stand-alone lunch-to-lunch meeting in Ghent, Belgium on August 28-29, 2017. One of the goals is to connect with peers and exchange ideas and experiences on the challenges that come with establishing ourselves as a (prospective) research group leader. We have also invited some successful and established leaders in the field who will share their experiences and give advices on how to build a successful career path to full research independency: Prof. Julien Bachmann (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU)), Prof. Christophe Detavernier (Ghent University), Prof. Erwin Kessels (Eindhoven University of Technology) and Prof. Markku Leskelä (University of Helsinki).

Interested in this event? Please, save the...

Grants available for lab visits

The new call for 'short term scientific missions' in HERALD is now open.  All HERALD members may apply, and we particularly encourage:

  • Early career investigators (PhD+8 years);
  • Female researchers;
  • Applicants from Inclusiveness Targeted Countries (loosely, eastern Europe);
  • Applicants from industry or visits to industry.

Full details are available here.