June 2018

HERALD SUMMIT 2018 - Open for registrations

Registration to HERALD SUMMIT 2018 is open.

Information available at https://www.european-ald.net/events/herald-summit-2018

Participants registration https://inl.eventkey.pt/geral/inseririnscricao.aspx?evento=5&formulario=8&lingua=en-GB

Exhibitors registration https://inl.eventkey.pt/geral/inseririnscricao.aspx?evento=5&formulario=9&lingua=en-GB

Those receiving a travel grant from HERALD for this conference may claim reimbursement of the meals fee, but not of the registration fee (early bird registration fee € 120).

There is a list of hotels with special prices for the event. Information at https://www.european-ald.net/events/herald-summit-2018.