Atomic layer deposition (ALD)

ALD is a unique technique for growing ultra-thin films that is enabling new developments in high-tech manufacturing sectors such as electronics, energy and coatings.  The scientific collaborations in HERALD cover new processes (precursor chemicals and equipment), fundamental understanding (metrology and modeling), innovative materials (nanoscale interfaces, 2D materials) and applications (semiconductor devices, photovoltaics, energy storage, sensors, protective coatings for organic elements and fibres).

The twitter handle for ALD is #ALDep



There is a reddit forum for discussions on ALD at /r/AtomicLayerDeposition/

Co-organised conferences:

Baltic ALD conference and Annual HERALD day

ALD2016 Ireland including HERALD Session and Industry Panel Discussion

20th Biannual European Conference on Chemical Vapour Deposition (EUROCVD20)

HERALD training schools:

Atomic Layer Deposition: method and applications

HERALD Training School on Atomic Layer Deposition

Other organisations, clusters and networks:

American Vacuum Society, Thin Film Division

Réseau des Acteurs Français d'ALD (RAFALD)

ALD Lab Saxony

More information on ALD:

BALD Engineering blog on ALD

Article in French "Principes et applications de la technique ALD (Atomic layer deposition)"

HERALD white paper on the future of atomic level processing

Virtual project on the history of ALD

Upcoming and past ALD-related conferences worldwide