III-Nitride Ordered Nanostructures via Template-assisted Atomic Layer Deposition

Scientific content of the collaboration: 

In this COST collaboration, Bilkent-UNAM ALD groups led by Dr. Necmi Biyikli and Dr. Ali Kemal Okyay team-up with two external research groups: Dr. Ibrahim Yilmaz from Turgut Ozal University, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, who is an MC member of HERALD as well, and Dr. Fatih Buyukserin from TOBB University of Economics and Technology, Biomedical Engineering. Main aim of the collaboration is to develop growth and fabrication processes towards producing large-area, ordered III-nitride nanostructures which might find applications in various physical/chemical sensing, flexible (opto)electronics, photocatalysis, and energy harvesting applications. While Bilkent groups bring in their ALD recipe development and cleanroom micro-device fabrication expertise, Dr. Yilmaz contributes with his extensive nitride optical characterization experience and Dr. Buyukserin provides the necessary large-area AAO templates.

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