Baltic ALD conference

Co-organised conference


28 Sep 2015 to 29 Sep 2015


Institute of Physics of the University of Tartu
Riia 142, Tartu Tartumaa


Institute of Physics of the University of Tartu


Tartu, ES

The 13th International Baltic Conference on Atomic Layer Deposition will be held in Tartu, Estonia, at the Institute of Physics of the University of Tartu on September 28–29, 2015. The conference belongs to a series of scientific meetings that was started with Atomic Layer Epitaxy (ALE) Symposium of Helsinki University of Technology and University of Tartu in 1991. The first symposium was organized in Helsinki while the second one was held in Tartu in 1993. Later the events were titled as Baltic ALE Symposium in 1995 and 1997, and Baltic ALD Symposium  since 2002.

Since its development in 1960-s and 1970-s the atomic layer deposition (ALD) technique has attracted continuously increasing interest. By now the technique occupies a key position in the list of thin-film technologies for production of nanoelectronic devices. Moreover, due to its ability to produce high-quality thin-film coatings on substrates with very complex shapes, ALD has found a number of applications in other fields of technology as well. However, in order to realize all advantages of the ALD technique and implement new processes, complex studies at the level of single atomic layers are frequently needed. Baltic ALD 2015 will provide possibilities to publish results of recent studies on ALD and to initiate and support collaboration between research groups working in this field. 

Organizing of the conference is supported by COST Action MP1402 HERALD.

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