EuroCVD 22-Baltic ALD 16

Joint International Conference


24 Jun 2019 to 28 Jun 2019



The EuroCVD 22-Baltic ALD 16 Conference, organized by the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), will take place in Luxembourg on 24-28 June 2019.
The conference will offer a high-quality scientific programme with invited and contributed lectures in key development areas based on chemical processing from the gas phase.
The submission of extended abstracts is open up to the 21st of January 2019 via the tool available on the conference website (
Details about the submission of full papers for the Conference will be displayed in the coming days on the conference website. Special issues in Materials Today Chemistry and in Physica Status Solidi (a) are organized depending on the topic of the contribution.

The main session will address technology perspectives that are common to participants with different backgrounds: CVD or ALD specialists, physicists or chemists, experts or early career researchers, fundamental/applied scientists or industrial researchers. Each of these sessions will be introduced by an invited presentation from a pioneer in the field.

Simulation and in situ monitoring to generate theoretical models, as a basis for fundamental understanding towards optimization and scale-up
Advanced surface chemistries for etch and deposition with a special focus on area selective treatments
High-throughput and atmospheric pressure gas-phase processes
Epitaxial and textured growth of structural and functional coatings
Gas-phase synthesis of organic and hybrid coatings
Gas-phase chemical synthesis of materials for filling structures with 3D topographies
Two parallel sessions will address specific technology and application-oriented perspectives. For each session, we will invite an established researcher in the field to speak on the following subjects:

Deposition of / on single and multilayered materials (CNT, graphene, chalcogenides…)
Gas-phase synthesis of nanostructured coatings (multilayers, nanocomposites…)
Gas-phase synthesis of functional and smart complex oxides (optical coatings, electro/thermochromic oxides, chemo-sensitive oxides, optical and resistive switching materials, topological materials, materials with engineered defects...)
Structural coatings and surface engineering (coating of powder, protective and decorative coatings, carbon-based coatings)
Functional coatings and surface functionalization for energy (storage, harvesting, efficiency and thermal management) and for biology (hydrophilic, antibacterial, biocompatible, antibiofouling...)

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