Novel High k Application Workshop 2016



14 Mar 2016 to 15 Mar 2016


Namlab, Görges-Bau
Helmholtzstraße 9, Dresden


Namlab - Goerges Lecture Hall


Dresden, DE

In collaboration with the EU COST networking project HerALD (working group 4), NaMLab invites to the Novel High-k Application Workshop on March 14th and 15th, 2016. New challenges offered by the application of ALD based high-k dielectric materials in micro– and nanoelectronics will be discussed by more than 80 participants from industry, research institutes and universities. NaMLab created with the workshop a stimulating European platform for application-oriented scientist to exchange ideas and discuss latest experimental results on MIM-capacitors, process technology, leakage & reliability as well as characterization of high-k dielectrics integrated in silicon based micro– and nanoelectronics. In addition, new results in the field of ALD dielectrics in solar cells, tranparent conduction oxides (TCOs) and atomic layer etching (ALE) will be discussed.

Organising Members: