Symposium I-10 – Multi-functional oxide nanomaterials: from design to advanced applications



18 Jun 2017 to 23 Jun 2017


Padova PD

The main aim of this symposium is to bring together an international audience to discuss on the most recent advantages in multi-functional oxides, covering both fundamental and applicative aspects. Focus will be given on the controlled fabrication/manipulation of oxide-based nanomaterials, on their advanced characterization, and on their applications in the above mentioned fields.  

Aiming to meet these requirements, the topics will address, though being not limited to, the following issues:

  • Synthesis and characterization of molecular precursors for the liquid and vapor-phase preparation of oxide-based nanomaterials; Top-down and bottom-up fabrication techniques for functional single and composite oxides (thin films, nanoparticles, nanoplateletes, nanotubes, nanowires…);
  • Advanced physicochemical characterization techniques;
  • Theoretical modeling of functional oxides, with attention to their electronic structures and to surface processes relevant for the target applications;
  • Transport phenomena and related issues;
  • Investigation of nanomaterial functional applications and eventual device integration (magnetic devices, ion conductors, memristors, supercapacitors, batteries, fuel cells, (photo)catalysts for pollutant degradation/hydrogen generation, photoelectrochemical water splitting, gas sensors for the detection of toxic/flammable species,…);
  • Sustainability aspects of oxide nanomaterials and related processes.

Organising Members: