Synchrotron Radiation to study Atomic Layer Deposition

Co-organized workshop


13 Jun 2016 to 15 Jun 2016


Sincrotrón ALBA
Carrer de la Llum, 2-26, 08290 Cerdanyola del Vallès Barcelona


ALBA Synchrotron


Barcelona, ES

This workshop aims to gather scientists who are working in both the fields of ALD and SR-based material characterization. The goal is to share experiences, to discuss how to answer fundamental research questions about ALD with SR-based experiments, to find solutions for technical obstacles and to develop new ideas for SR-based ALD experiments.

The three-day workshop will consist of different parts. On the first two days there will be four topical sessions with invited (introductory) lectures and contributed talks, and one evening poster session. On the third day we plan a visit to the ALBA synchrotron and tutorial sessions on the treatment and analysis of SR-data.

Organising Members: