Final review of HERALD deliverables


1. Conferences and workshops

5 conferences, 27 workshops and 7 training schools were organised, as detailed here.  341 distinct individuals were reimbursed for travel costs, out of a total attendance estimated at 3,440 (see table below).

Grant period Numbers attending conferences & workshops Numbers attending training schools
GP1 229 36
GP2 470 20
GP3 1450 15
GP4 970 150
GP5 100 0
  TOTAL 3440  

2.Early Career Investigators

11 STSMs (26% of the total) were awarded to ECIs.  It is not possible to track the career progression of HERALD members, and so we can not determine the number of ECIs transferring to industry.  The ECI network page can be viewed here, where 35 members are currently subscribed.

3. Publications

HERALD researchers have published hundreds of peer-reviewed journal papers on new developments in ALD and related topics over the course of the Action.  Of these, 18 publications report the results of collaborations funded by HERALD and meet the COST criteria for a joint publication.

We highlight the multi-author review article 'Recommended reading list of early publications on atomic layer deposition—Outcome of the “Virtual Project on the History of ALD”', Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A (2017).

We have also disseminated HERALD results in two articles for the 'Pan European Networks' magazine (PDFs below).

HERALD published the foresight report 'White Paper on Atomic Level Processing'.

4. Online content

To date, over the 41-month lifespan of the HERALD website:

  • 93 news items were posted on the website (archived here) and sent to the mailing list;
  • the site was visited on average 749 times per month;
  • sessions lasted an average of 2 minutes 38 seconds;
  • an average of 2,194 pages were viewed each month, totalling 89,973 pages in all;
  • in all, 18,334 distinct individual users visited the site.

The website analytics are enclosed as a PDF at the end of this webpage.

5. New funding leveraged

HERALD collaborations led directly to 9 proposals, of which six were funded as projects with a total value of €12.5m (details in the HERALD Final Report).  Four are coordinated by ITC members.  There are also partnerships with an NNC (Ukraine) and with an IPC (China).