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Crystalline HfS2 and SnS2 thin films are 2D materials which are regarded to be highly promising candidates for the implementation in a plethora of electronic devices as they exhibit extraordinarily high charge carrier mobilities and beneficial, small band gaps respectively...Read more

The collaboration between Laboratory of Inorganic Chemistry – University of Helsinki, Finland, and CNR-MDM-IMM, Italy, had the aim to develop  a novel ALD recipe for thin film MoO3 deposition by using a novel molybdenum b-diketonate type precursor.

The growth of Molybdenum oxide by...Read more

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Finnish Centre of Excellence in ALD (ALDCoE) welcomes you to a combined HERALD Working group 2 workshop and 4th annual seminar of ALDCoE to be held May 23-24, 2016 in Helsinki, Finland. The topics of the two-day event...Read more

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