Ana Silva

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  • Portugal

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University Professor, Physics Department. Chair of Nanometer structures division of IUVSTA. Scientific interests: growth and characterization of ultra-thin films oxides. Self-limited processes. Interfaces/surfaces. Nanoelectronics, SiC, AlGaN. Expertise Nonlinear optics, synchrotron radiation_ photoelectron spectroscopy. 

Chair of the IUVSTA  Nanometer structures Division-



Growth of aluminum oxide on silicon carbide with an atomically sharp interface, Ana Gomes SilvaKjeld Pedersen, Zheshen Li, Jeanette Hvam, Rajnish Dhiman, and Per Morgen, J. Vac. Sci. Technol. A 35, 01B142 (2017); doi: 10.1116/1.4972774

On the influence of lipid-induced optical anisotropy for the bioimaging of exo- or endocytosis with interference microscopic imaging, MARQUES,†, A. MIRANDA†, A.G. SILVA, P.R.T. MUNRO‡ & P.A.A. DE BEULE,, Journal of Microscopy, Vol. 00, Issue 0 2018, pp. 1–6

Marco Peres, ...,Ana G Silva, Katharina Lorenz, "In situ Characterization and modification of beta Ga-Oxide flakes using an ion micro-probe, Phys, Stat Solidi a, 2018, 1800190 , DOI: 10.1002/pssa.201800190

Electrical characterization of molybdenum oxide lamellar crystals irradiated with UV light and proton beams, D.R. Pereiraa,b,d, M. Peresa, L.C. Alvesb, J.G. Correiab, C. Díaz-Guerrac, A.G. Silvad, E. ALves, K. Lorenz, Surface & Coatings Technology xxx (xxxx) xxx–xx in  press.



Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Campus da Caparica