Davide Barreca

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  • Italy

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The Multi-Functional Nanomaterial (MFN) Group has a unique know-how in the design, vapor phase fabrication and modification of inorganic and hybrid nanoarchitectures with variable dimensionality. The target systems, developed by original synthetic approaches provided with many degrees of freedom for a fine tuning of their properties, are subjected to an advanced thorough characterization and investigated as unique platforms for various technological end-uses:
- photo-activated applications (sustainable H2 production from solar light and natural resources, pollutant degradation for environmental remediation, light-triggered self-cleaning and anti-fogging systems,…); 

- molecular detection of flammable/toxic gases, aimed at the development of chemical sensors for a variety of practical applications; 

- other applications, encompassing green catalysts/electrocatalysts, anodes for Li-ion batteries, magnetic materials. 

The group joins together researchers from both the Institute for Chemistry of Condensed Matter and Energy Technologies - National Research Council (ICMATE-CNR) and Department of Chemical Sciences (DiSC) – Padova University, that operate in direct synergy with the National Interuniversity Consortium of Materials Science and Technology (INSTM). Despite being composed by only a few people, the group has a first-class track record, corresponding to 122 publications, 3 national and international patents and 110 conference communications (of which 17 invited lectures/seminars), only in the period 2010-2016. 

The research activities are carried out in a dynamic and stimulating environment, with the presence of foreigner students and in the framework of international (EU – FP7) cooperations. This scenario, along with a direct and continuous interaction between supervisors and fellows, offers interesting development possibilities for training youg students in view of their future career. In this regard, both national and foreigner students have been, and are, welcome not only for PhD courses, but also for short term stays. 



Multi-functional MnO2 nanomaterials for photo-activated applications by a plasma-assisted fabrication route
Davide Barreca, Filippo Gri, Alberto Gasparotto, Giorgio Carraro, Lorenzo Bigiani, Thomas Altantzis, Boštjan Žener, Urška Lavrenčič Štangar, Bruno Al


Multi-functional MnO2 nanomaterials for photoactivated applications by a plasma-assisted fabrication route
D. Barreca, F. Gri, A. Gasparotto, G. Carraro, L. Bigiani, T. Altantzis, B. Žener, U. Lavrenčič Štangar, B. Alessi, D. Babu Padmanaban, D. Mariotti, C. Maccato