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Felix Mattelaer

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My name is Felix Mattelaer, and I am a Belgian physicist. I started my career in Physics at Ghent University in 2007, where I eventually rolled into solid-state physics and atomic layer deposition with my master thesis at the cocoon research group (www.cocoon.ugent.be), under the supervision of prof. dr. Christophe Detavernier. The topic of that thesis was "Atomic layer deposition of metal for applications in micro-electronics".

After obtaining my Master's degree, I started at the cocoon research group for a PhD study on various applications of atomic layer deposition in lithium-ion batteries. This was done in the framework of the SBO SOS-Lion project, where 3D solid-state thin-film batteries in general were investigated, with ALD as one of the possible candidates for deposition of films.

Currently, I am working on an M-ERA project called CALDERA, where we investigate cheaper and safer alternative precursors for the deposition of simple metal oxides, but I'm also still working on lithium-ion battery related topics.