Gloria Gottardi

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  • Italy

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Gloria Gottardi, physicist, has been working as research scientist at the Centre for Materials and Microsystems of Fondazione Bruno Kessler (Trento, I) since 2001. She firstly joined as junior research consultant the “Physics Chemistry of Surfaces and Interfaces” department, where she worked on the development and chemical characterization of polymeric model substrates for biomedical applications. In 2002 she became researcher of the “Plasma, Advanced Materials and Surface Enginering” Research Unit, focusing on the field of thin films deposition and surface treatments by low pressure plasma assisted techniques (PECVD and PVD). In 2005 she was also postdoctoral researcher associate at Rutgers University’s Chemistry Department –New Jersey, U.S.A., where she gained experience in the Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) technique.

Her expertise ranges from the development of nano-structured thin film materials by low pressure plasma processes and ALD, to their chemical-physical characterization (XPS, FTIR and UV-visible spectroscopy; electrical and mechanical testing).

Her research activity deals with the study and synthesis of innovative nano-structured materials (TCOs, protective coatings, barrier and functional coatings, high-k oxides, carbon based materials, graphene, …) for different application fields (mainly energy related, such as hydrogen storage, photovoltaics,…) and for both academic research and technological support activities.