Henrik Pedersen

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  • Sweden

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My research is focused on understanding and developing chemical vapor deposition (CVD) for electronic materials. By a better understanding of the chemistry – both surface chemistry and gas phase chemistry – better CVD routes for better electronic materials can be found which will allow fabrication of better electronic devices. The research approach is to combine film deposition experiments using different precursor molecules with multi scale simulations of the chemistry to form chemical mechanisms of the film deposition in CVD. In addition to this I also develop new CVD routes by exploring new CVD hardware and by introducing time as a variable in film deposition by CVD - e.g. by doing ALD



Thermal study of an indium trisguanidinate as a possible indium nitride precursor
Sydney C Buttera, Karl Rönnby, Henrik Pedersen, Lars Ojamäe, Sean T Barry
Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A


Gas Phase Chemistry of Trimethylboron in Thermal Chemical Vapor Deposition
Mewlude Imam, Laurent Souqui, Jan Herritsch, Andreas Stegmüller, Carina Höglund, Susann Schmidt, Richard Hall-Wilton, Hans Högberg, Jens Birch, Ralf Tonner, and Henrik Pedersen
Journal of Physical Chemistry C