Maksym Plakhotnyuk

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  • Denmark

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Personal or laboratory research profile: 

Currently, I am a Postdoc at DTU Energy on TCO thin films for energy application. During my Ph.D. project I worked on Heterojunction Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells with Carrier Selective Contacts. 

My particular expertise is on ALD metal oxides growth for solar cell applications, including AZO as TCO, TiO2  and NiO as carrier selective layers and Al2O3 as a passivation layer in Si solar cells.
TiO2 passivation and carrier selective properties results are published in JJAP:

Al2O3 passivated nanostructured silicon results are published in AIP JAP:

I am particularly interested in atmospheric spatial ALD for solar cell applications. Opened for collaboration and visits.


Technical University of Denmark