Petro Deminskyi

Action Member

COST Country: 

  • Turkey

Primary Working Group: 


Personal or laboratory research profile: 

I am a Biyikli group member (UNAM, Bilkent Uniuversity, Ankara, Turkey). My research focus extends from the growth and characterization of functional III-nitrides semiconductor materials and metal oxides utilizing HCPA-ALD, thermal ALD and MOCVD techniques to the design, fabrication, and characterization of enabling devices for a variety of applications.

Main directions of my research related to the:

  • Combination of ALD and MOCVD techniques for emerging technologies;
  • Selective area ALD of III-nitrides and metal oxides thin-films and nanostructures;
  • Development of III-nitrides and metal oxides thin-films and nanostructures;
  • Nanotemplate technology: III-N/Si, III-N/SiC, III-N/Sapphire;
  • Monolithic & hybrid integration of Si/AIIIBV for RGB LED, solar cells;
  • III-N technologies for quantum computers;

We are working on implementation of our research results with electronic and optoelectronic devices (HEMT, UV photodetector, flexible opto(electronics)) This can be expressed in a considerable amount of possible applications in which this technology could be incorporated. Among these possible applications are:

(1) medicine: biosensors, antibacterial devices,

(2) defense: flame detection (including fire alarms, missile warning or combustion monitoring); UV radiation detection for chemical and biological analysis (most organic substances, anthrax virus, for example, present characteristic absorption lines in the UV spectral range); military aircraft;

(3) outer space: artificial satellites; satellite system power supply; spacecrafts; exolife utilization,

and other high-energy radiation environment, where devices must operate reliably when subjected to irradiations of protons, electrons, neutrons, or γ rays.