Silvia Vangelista

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  • Italy

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Silvia Vangelista got her PhD in 2010 from the University of Padova, defending a thesis on the characterization of Boron defects in Germanium by means of high-resolution X-ray diffraction. In February 2010 she joined MDM as post-doc researcher. Her activity is mainly focused on the growth and characterization of magnetic materials and oxides for applications in spintronics for non-volatile memories. She performed chemical vapour- and atomic layer- deposition (CVD/ALD) methods for producing materials and systems to be used/included into MTJs, such as MgO, Co, Fe and Fe3O4. She's in charge for the ALD growth activity of multiferroic materials rare earth - iron - oxide based. She's also involved in the activity of 2D (MoS2) material synthesis by chemical vapor deposition. Besides, she's responsible for the structural characterization of materials and multilayers using X-ray scattering techniques (eg.: reflectivity -XRR-, grazing incidence diffraction -GIXRD-, total reflection X Ray fluorescence - TXRF).