Merck 350th Anniversary Research Grants

On the occasion of its 350th anniversary, Merck is offering a series of research grants to stimulate innovative research in challenging areas of future importance.  One of the topics is surface chemistry and atomic layer processes, which may be of interest to HERALD members.  Merck is looking for innovative research proposals from scientists worldwide and intends to provide several research grants of up to €350,000 per year for 3 years in the various topic areas with the option of extension or expansion.  A detailed description of the challenges and the application process is available at: Online application deadline: August 15th, 2018.

Training School on the Chemistry of ALD

HERALD COST action (MP1402: Hooking together European research in Atomic Layer Deposition) and MASSENA doctoral program (Materials for Sensing and Energy harvesting) co-organize a Training School entitled “Chemistry of Atomic Layer Deposition” ( ) the 19 and 20 march in Luxembourg.


Experts from ALD-complementary fields animate a two days’ interactive training school about aspects associated with the chemistry behind the ALD process.

The following aspects will be addressed:

1-ALD opportunities and challenges by Dr. Elisabeth Blanquet, Univ. Grenoble Alps, Research Director, SIMAP, France

2- Precursor design and its impact on the ALD chemistry and kinetics  by Dr. Jean-Marc Girard, CTO and Head of R&D at Air Liquide Advanced Materials, France

3- Modelling aspects and tools by Dr. Alain Estève, Research Director, Head of NEO group “Nano-Engineering and integration of metal-Oxide-based nanostructures and their interfaces” LAAS-CNRS, France

4- In situ investigation of the ALD process by Dr. Martin...

Symposium focused on ALD at the EMRS Fall Meeting 2018


SYMPOSIUM N: New ALD appraoches towards functional materials and devices

17th-19th September 2018

Deadline for abstract submission: Monday 21st May

ALD is a chemical deposition technique traditionally used in the field of microelectronics and large area displays. In recent years ALD has seen a huge evolution in terms of the materials that can be deposited, the reactors and the applications. This symposium aims at highlighting recent developments in the field of ALD of functional materials and devices and to present the ALD community to the broader materials science community.


ALD is a Chemical Vapour Deposition technique that is surface-limited and self-terminating. As a result, film thickness can be controlled very precisely to the nanometer, high aspect ratio features can be coated with a unique level of conformality, and, film homogeneity is unrivalled. ALD, with its unique characteristics, was developed in the 1970s to meet demands in...

LAST CHANCE to submit an abstract for Advances in Atomic Layer Deposition Technologies symposium-MSE 2018

MSE Abstract submission due Feb 28th


P05: Advances in Atomic Layer Deposition Technologies: Conformal Thin Films and Hybrid Materials for Energy, Electronics and Health       



Symposium topics

  • Precursor chemistries for complex material compositions by ALD
  • Reactions mechanisms, simulations and in-situ monitoring of ALD thin-film growth 
  • Patterning and atomic layer etching 
  • New concepts: Hybrid materials, biomaterials, laminates and composites 
  • Advances in deposition technologies: Thermal, plasma and alternative methods including high volume manufacturing 
  • Nanocoatings for microelectronics, energy conversion and storage

Confirmed Invited Speakers

  • Ola Nilsen, University of Oslo, Norway
  • Suresh Kondati Natarajan, Tyndall Nat. Institute, Ireland
  • A.J.M. Mackus, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, The Netherlands
  • Fieke van den Bruele, TNO, The Hague, The Netherlands
  • Julien Bachmann, Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany
  • Marceline Bovalot, CEA LETI, Grenoble, France
  • Benjamin Groven IMEC, Belgium
  • Mato Knez, CIC NanoGUNE, San Sebastian, Spain



Symposium Organizers

Mariona Coll - Institut de Ciència de...


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