ALD thesis list under construction

Virtual Project on the History of ALD, VPHA

In the Virtual Project on the History of ALD (VPHA,, we are collecting together a list of doctoral theses (PhD-equivalent) made on ALD worldwide. The list is planned to be published in the VPHA ALD History Review, Item #10 in the VPHA Publication Plan. Participation in VPHA is volunteer-based and open for everyone. 

As of February 14, the list contains 187 entries from 11 countries: Belgium 4, Canada 4, (China 0), Estonia 1, Finland 84, France 12, (Germany 0), Ireland 4, Italy 1, (Japan 0), (Norway 0), Russia incl. USSR 59, (South Korea 0), Sweden 3, The Netherlands 9, (UK 0), USA 6, and five theses from Poland are waiting for addition in the main list. The current list has been built upon the information from the FinALD40 exhibition and the ML essay, and it has been topped up with information obtained mainly through professional social media inquiries in Twitter, LinkedIn, and the ALD History Blog. Several tens of theses must be missing still from the list. 

Everyone's contribution in building an as-complete-as-possible list will be appreciated. 

If you see missing items, please add them to the VPHA-thesis-to-be-added list (collected: year, author, title in English, language of thesis, title in original language if not English, university, city, country, pages, link).  

In VPHA we have not defined any absolute minimum criteria to how much of the thesis should be of ALD, to be added to the list. If the abstract mentions ALD, and/or if there is section/subsection with ALD, and the thesis reports some new experiments (/other new information) on ALD, the minimum criteria should be have been filled.