ALD workshop finished in St Petersburg, Russia

Workshop participants in front of a monument to Mendeleev in the Saint-Petersburg State Institute of Technology
Workshop participants in the Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

The 2nd International Workshop ‘Atomic Layer Deposition Russia 2017’ was held in the Saint-Petersburg State Institute of Technology, Russia, on 24–30 September 2017. The event marked the 105th anniversary of birth of Valentin Aleskovskii, the founder of ALD-related research in Russia. The workshop attracted about 50 ALD researchers from Russia, Europe, North America and China.

Invited speakers from academia and industry delivered ten detailed 45-minute plenary lectures covering such diverse topics as the history and origins of ALD, quantum modelling of ALD reactions, the chemistry of area-selective ALD, ALD on metals and polymers, applied ALD research for functional coatings, semiconductor devices and solar cells and the use of scanning probe microscopy for the investigation of nanostructures. Besides that, more than 30 participants communicated their research through short oral reports and poster presentations.

Picosun, a Finnish producer of ALD equipment, who, together with its official representative in Russia, Eurointech, was a sponsor of the workshop, demonstrated its multi-purpose ALD reactor installed in the Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. NT-MDT Spectrum Instruments, a prominent Russian producer of scanning probe microscopes, outlined the capabilities of their equipment in a plenary speech.

The workshop included a training school for early-career investigators co-organised with HERALD and attended by 60 trainees.

The photos capture the workshop participants in the Saint-Petersburg State Institute of Technology (in front of a monument to Mendeleyev) and in the Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. More photos and the book of abstracts will be available for a while on the workshop’s website.