Any collaborations with Graphene Flagship?

Here is a request from the COST office:

"From the COST office we are trying to seek for potential collaborations with other relevant EU initiatives that could be of interest for our COST Actions, and for the COST programme in general.

We have identified the Graphene Flagship ( as a very strong one, and we are now exploring different possibilities for collaboration with them.

In order to map those researchers from COST Actions that could be already participating in the Graphene Flagship, I would really appreciate if you could contact your Action participants to ask them: who is already involved in the Flagship, and working at which Work Package.

It will be also very useful to know who of you (or your Action participants) are planning to attend the Graphene Week in Athens, next September 2017."

If you are involved with this Flagship, please email the details to Simon Elliott so that he can pass the requested information to the COST office.

Best wishes,