HERALD network news

Important announcements about the HERALD network

1. Conference funding for Inclusiveness Targetted Countries (ITC)

The EU has granted extra budget to COST and this is being passed on to running projects in the form of a new networking tool “ITC Conference Grants”.  These grants are to support PhD students and ECI* researchers from participating ITC countries** to attend any scientific conference not specifically organised by the COST Action.  Vouched travel costs, registration fees up to €500 and accommodation/food up to €160/day can be covered.  The conference must take place before the end of March 2018.  To apply, please e-mail the Action Chair, explaining how the scientific scope of your proposed attendance can support the HERALD objectives.  More information here.

Aside from this, all HERALD events include travel support for some ITC delegates; please contact the local organiser for details.

* An Early Career Investigator (ECI) is an individual who is within a time span of up to 8 years from the date they
obtained their PhD/doctorate (full-time equivalent).

** The ITCs in HERALD are: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Croatia, Hungary, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Republic of Serbia and Turkey.

2. HERALD Summit 2018

The final conference of HERALD will be a Summit to review our collaborative research and map out the future scientific direction of our field.  This will take place on 25-28 September 2018 in Braga, Portugal, kindly hosted by Dr Ana Silva and INL - please plan to attend.  There will be travel support for those who can report collaborations in HERALD, including completed STSMs.

This is the only HERALD event that we are planning for the final period May-Dec 2018.  However STSMs will continue to be available.  Requests for HERALD funding for joint publications or ITC conferences in this period should be made to the Action Chair in January 2018.

3. Job adverts

The Jobs page on our website is a new feature where those offering or seeking jobs/studentships can post their announcements.  Anyone can announce an open position or announce their availability for work or study simply by logging in and clicking on 'Add Content'.

4. Record your collaborations and acknowledge COST

Research collaborations are the primary aim of HERALD and we collect information on them via this page on the website.  Please take the time to create a short account of your collaborations within HERALD, so that we can report our success stories - just log in and click on 'Add Content'.

Any outputs such as journal papers or presentations that have benefitted from HERALD funding must acknowledge HERALD and COST, as outlined here.  Whenever you are co-authoring an ALD-related publication with researchers from another HERALD country, please consider acknowledging HERALD.  Such joint publications can be reported via the 'Add Content' button (simply by entering the DOI) and they then appear on the website.  Please help us to gather this information.