Joint publications in HERALD

We would like to encourage HERALD members who have benefitted from the activities of the Action to acknowledge HERALD in their publications.  How to acknowledge HERALD is explained here.

  • Acknowledging HERALD is of course mandatory in cases where the scientific content has been the direct result of HERALD funding, e.g. through an STSM.
  • But also more generally, if you are co-authoring an ALD-related publication with researchers from another HERALD country, please consider acknowledging HERALD. 

That way, we can include these publications when reporting collaborations and outputs to show that HERALD has been a success. 

To do this, please input the publication on the HERALD website when published.  Just login and click 'Add Content' - 'Publication'; the minimum that you need to input is the DOI.  Any of your publications can be promoted to other HERALD members in this way.  The joint publications are listed on this page.