3rd ECI workshop: Science communication and mapping a future road for ECIs

Dear all, 

It is our pleasure to announce the 3rd ECI workshop: Science communication and mapping a future road for ECIs, that will be held 8th–9th November 2018 at the Institute of Electrical Engineering SAS, Bratislava. 

This Workshop is organized in the framework of the COST Action HERALD  (Hooking together European Research in Atomic Layer Deposition) and it is dedicated to ECIs (early carreer investigators). 
Our main objective is to find the future road for early career investigator in European ALD research, provide training for efficient and effective networking, and explore the possibilities for widening and continuing the ECI network.

The workshop will feature specialized training in science communication and networking for the ECI members and guests, by Dr. Simon Elliott and Dr Niamh Shaw

Registration is now OPEN. The spirit of this workshop is to promote peer-to-peer communication and new collaborations,...

HERALD SUMMIT 2018 - Open for registrations

Registration to HERALD SUMMIT 2018 is open.

Information available at

Participants registration

Exhibitors registration

Those receiving a travel grant from HERALD for this conference may claim reimbursement of the meals fee, but not of the registration fee (early bird registration fee € 120).

There is a list of hotels with special prices for the event. Information at


2018 Millennium Technology Prize for Tuomo Suntola

Congratulations to Dr Tuomo Suntola who was awarded the €1m Millennium Technology Prize yesterday for the invention of ALD. Full details are in the announcement from Technology Academy Finland along with a video. A wonderful day for the nominators from the ALD community.

Here is a message from Dr Suntola: ”In the long run, I like to share the honor of the Millennium prize with all my colleagues having worked with me for the technology, the companies hosting and financing the development, and the co-operating universities and funding organizations supported the work. I like to thank all parties for the confidence and patience in getting through times when the goal looked distant. Finally, my special thanks go to the thousands of scientists and engineers who, finally, have made the technology a global success and an important part of our everyday life.”...


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