Nominations for HERALD Grant Committee 2019-2020

The HERALD management committee has decided that from 2019 onwards, decisions on the allocation of funds in the HERALD network will be made by a Grant Committee, elected by members, that represents the diversity of the network.  Nominations are now being sought for the HERALD Grant Committee.  The nomination should be emailed to the HERALD administrator using the form specified below.  You may nominate yourself or you may nominate someone else with their permission (cc'ing them on an email with this form).  You many nominate as many people as you like, each via a separate email.  The deadline for nominations is Friday 16th November 2018 and elections will take place online soon after.  The Grant Committee will be formed in January 2019.

A nominee may be from any country worldwide, at any career stage, carrying out research into ALD and related fields in any institution or company.  A nominee must be a member of HERALD already (as evidenced by a public profile on the website or become a member via the link here: