Training school for early-career investigators at ALD Russia 2017

Atomic Layer Deposition Russia 2017

Young scientists from countries and institutions participating in HERALD are welcome to St Petersburg, Russia, on 28 September 2017 to take part in the Training School on Chemical Basis of ALD.

The aim of the event is to share and discuss the chemical approach to ALD, a concept rarely cited in application-driven research papers. It is based on the so-called framework model of solid matter, which describes a solid particle as a single giant molecule consisting of a backbone and functional groups, similar to a polymer macromolecule but several orders of magnitude larger. ALD half-cycles are then seen as chemical reactions between the functional groups and precursor molecules. This view is very useful for rationalising and forecasting composition, structure and properties of ALD products.

At the Training School on Chemical Basis of ALD, reputable scientists from Russia, Europe and North America will discuss fundamental chemical aspects of ALD, including surface reactions and their quantum models. Some more specialised research will also be presented by both established researchers and early-career participants. Open discussion is encouraged!

Participation in the training school is free of charge. Participants from HERALD countries and institutions are eligible to receive trainee grants. Registration is possible until 25 August 2017. To get more information, please contact Ivan Bodalyov <> or visit the website.