White paper on atomic-level processing

Right now there is a brief window of opportunity to feed in to consultations on the future topics for H2020 funding - in particular, the 2018-2020 workplan for NMPB.  Some academic and industrial members of HERALD have therefore put together the enclosed position document on urgent research directions, under the overall heading of 'atomic-level processing'. 

The document is public.  If you feel it is worthwhile, please circulate it to your colleagues, national/regional funding agencies and in particular to your national contact points and delegates on European committees and technology platforms.

It is hoped that this document will evolve into a "Roadmap for Atomic Layer Processing" over the coming months and years.  So please feel free to suggest corrections and improvements.  Remember that this is a high-level document aimed at non-experts, not a scientific treatise.

As the next step, we are organising an industry panel discussion on this topic on the morning of Wednesday 27th July at the upcoming ALD2016 conference in Ireland.